Monday, February 11, 2019

An Experiment In Cheating

260 pounds

I guess I forgot to post the results of my bone broth fast here. I weighed myself Saturday and after 4 days of strictly bone broth fasting, I discovered I had gained 2 pounds. I really should have weighed myself Monday morning to see how much I gained after my super bowl cheat weekend. I didn't, so I don't really have a gauge as to how much weight I put on over those 2 days of cheating.

I need to start blogging daily too, so I have an accurate record of what's happening with my diet. For some reason, I'm confused about the weigh-ins on here. For a moment I was down to 252 pounds, now I'm back to 260.

So, back to the bone broth fast. I was a little disgusted after discovering I had gained 2 pounds after 4 days of strictly bone broth only. I decided to repeat what I did last weekend over this weekend on a smaller scale, to see how much weight a 2-day cheat can add. To my shock, 2 days of eating carbohydrates, sugar, and drinking beer and alcohol added 8 pounds. Over Super Bowl weekend I was much more excessive with my cheating. I ate pizza, drank a lot of beer and whiskey, and even consumed a few sodas.

The bottom line is I can't and won't cheat anymore until I hit my desired weight. I need to drop 60 pounds. I dropped close to 50 pounds between October and December. With hard work and dedication, I'd like to be around the 200-pound range by July.

For the tweeted version... You really can't and shouldn't cheat on keto!

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