Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Cauliflower Rice Recipe - Simple and Easy

My mother was making a rice dish that I really enjoy. For the most part, all the ingredients in it are keto with the exception of the rice. I decided to try my hand at cauliflower rice. To my surprise, it was super simple to make and tasted great!

Here's how I did it.


Olive oil

Break up a head of cauliflower in a colander. Then place a handful in a food processor. Chop till its the size of small pebbles. Dump in a bowl and repeat till all the cauliflower is processed. I had to do a handful at a time. It may have been my food processor. But when I filled it, the stuff at the bottom was turning into cauliflower flour, and the stuff at the top wasn't getting cut at all.

Break up cauliflower and process a handful at a time.

Once my cauliflower was processed I heated up two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of butter in a large wok on high heat.

Two tablespoons of olive oil and melt two tablespoons of butter.

Once the butter was melted I dumped my cauliflower into the wok and continuously stirred it making sure it didn't burn. I only cooked the cauliflower for about five minutes or so. It wasn't super soft, and it was a little crunchy. If you want it softer, just cook it longer. Just keep stirring so you don't burn it.

Continuously stir it in the wok till it's the desired consistency. I cooked mine a little over 5 minutes.

Now substitute any rice dish with your cauliflower rice. My mother made Lubnia which is a Lebanese dish of beef, onions, and string beans cooked in tomato sauce. It tasted awesome with the cauliflower rice!

Use it just like rice. This honestly tasted fantastic and I didn't miss real rice at all. I'd definitely eat this again! Two thumbs up for cauliflower rice!

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