Thursday, February 7, 2019

Going On My Third Day, Bone Broth Fast

Third day on the chicken bone broth fast and I feel great! This is the first time I've fasted this long on strictly bone broth and I'll probably do this more often.

I haven't had any serious hunger issues yet. I've done fasts in the past and by the third day I usually feel lightheaded, that's not happening this time. No headache!

My understanding is that fasting headaches are usually caused by a lack of electrolytes in the body. By using the bone broth I'm guessing there are enough salts and electrolytes to keep a headache away! 

At this point, I'm just going to keep going. No matter what, I'll break fast Sunday. It's my mother's birthday and I'll be having a birthday dinner with her. I'm hoping I'll be in ketosis by Saturday.

I use a really simple bone broth recipe. I'll try to make sure and post it in the next day or so. 

3 Days on the bone broth fast and all is going good!

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