Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Currently Averaging About 4 Pounds Per Week - Not In Ketosis.

I've had a heck of a time getting myself in a deep state of Ketosis. Honestly, I feel it's my own half-assed attempt that's the problem. When I did this last year I started out with a 5-day water fast that put me immediately in a state of ketosis. I really need to do that again! I think the problem is all the nuts I snack on at night. I need to drop the nuts!

The good news is, even though I'm not in ketosis, just eating keto, I've dropped an average of 4 pounds per week.

This is why I love a ketogenic diet. I'm not starving and I actually enjoy the food I'm eating. Pork, sausage, bacon and eggs, steak smothered in mushrooms. For the most part, it's like I just cut out sugar and bread! The weight melts off!

For the next week or so I plan on continuing with what I'm doing. Just eating high fat, low carb foods. I'm going to try and lay off the nuts and see if I can get myself back in ketosis. I'm not going to stress about it. If I'm not in ketosis in the next week or so, I'll return to hardcore fasting till I am.

Regardless, my plan is to step it up a bit. I'd like to get a little more hardcore before Easter. Drop some serious weight, and maybe have a couple cheat days. What can I say, all that Easter chocolate will just be too much of a temptation!

Currently 252 pounds! 52 pounds to go!

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