Saturday, January 19, 2019

Weekend Eats - Lunch and Snacks

I rarely fast on the weekends. For the most part I snack throughout the day, but always ketogenic friendly food.  Sunday I'll have a big breakfast with family, keto compatible dinner, and keto friendly snacks throughout the day.

Today I woke up, skipped my coffee. Now that I'm in the swing of things I'll really be reducing my caffeine intake. Caffeine creates cortisol in the body, cortisol in the body creates gut fat. I'll probably get down to a cup  a week with my Sunday breakfast.

I ate 3 hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

For lunch I made a huge salad:
Salad Mix
Capicolla ham
Krakus Ham
Bleu Cheese
Greek Olives
Tossed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Tossed salad mix with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. bleu cheese, capicolla ham, krakus ham, turkey, salami, and greak olives. 

Throughout the day I rolled up a couple pieces of ham or turkey and wrapped it around some sharp cheddar cheese 

For a late night snack before writing this I took a celery stalk and spread a little natural almond butter over it.

1 Celery stalk cut into thirds and filled with natural sugar free almond butter. 

Done eating for the day. Next meal will be Sunday breakfast with the family tomorrow morning

I just started started a twitter feed @ketoblog on Twitter.

Eat healthy, eat fat, and get skinny!

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