Thursday, January 10, 2019

The House Of Carbs

My house is filled with all kinds of yummy carbohydrates. Mostly, fruits and vegetables. Definitely not conducive to a ketogenic lifestyle. It's time to get the high carb sugery foods out of the house!

I weighed myself this morning. Since I've gotten off my diet on Christmas Eve I've put on exactly 20 pounds. My goal by Christmas was to get into the two forties. On the night before Christmas, I weighed in at two hundred and forty-eight pounds. This morning my weight was 268.

Twenty pounds might seem like a lot to gain in a little over 2 weeks but it's really not. My understanding is at least 10 pounds of that weight is water weight. You're pretty much guaranteed to put this back on after you break-fast and begin consuming carbohydrates again. The other ten pounds I attribute to eating mass quantities of refined sugars through the smorgasbord of pies, cakes, and chocolates I gorged myself on over the holidays. Not to mention all the alcohol, and rich foods!

I know a lot of people don't agree with this, but you only live once! I set goals and when I reach them I cheat. In my humble opinion there's nothing wrong with the occasional cheat day. I just tell myself that I have to get back on the diet when the time comes. Well, the time has come!

So I weighed myself this morning and I'm comfortable with the amount of weight I've gained back. For the most part, I've maintained fairly well over the last couple weeks. I was going to start back on keto today, but have decided to wait. I took inventory of the food in my house and have come to the conclusion that I live in the house of carbs! Most of this is fruits, vegetables and quality carbs from decent foods.

I hate throwing out food! Not only is it wasteful, but I feel like I'm just throwing money in the garbage. I've decided that I'll try and maintain a healthy diet for the next few days and eat these fruits and high carb vegetables before I return to my Keto diet.

I won't be posting again till probably around Monday. I'll do another weigh-in Monday morning, and resume my diet and blogging.

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