Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Keto Breakfast - Eating On The Run

One of the biggest things I love about a ketogenic diet is how convenient it can be. I had a really hard time climbing out of bed for work this morning. It's 6 degrees outside, and I was up all night playing SteemMonsters.  Running behind schedule, tired and a bit grumpy I headed out into the snow-filled tundra of Buffalo NY.

I needed gas so I stopped at the gas station and filled up the car. As the gas poured into the tank my stomach grumbled and feeling tired I craved a jumbo coffee. Usually, I would get one of those massive sugar filled vanilla crapacinos & a breakfast sandwich. This morning I got the turkey, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich and sacrificed my crapacino for a black coffee.

Here's part of the simplicity and beauty of following a keto diet. I get to work, remove the bread and toss it off to the side. That bread is garbage and not keto friendly. I then chow down on a delicious egg, cheese, and sausage patty, and sip a delicious black coffee.

Yummy egg, turkey sausage, and cheese patty & large black coffee. This really hit the spot. A simple, satisfying keto breakfast when I'm on the run.

With keto, I can make small sacrifices and still enjoy delicious food. Another great example is being out with friends and they want to stop at a burger joint. I simply order a plain triple bacon cheeseburger. Skip the fries and sugary drink. Toss the burger bun in the trash and you're out with friends enjoying a meal and staying keto.

On other diets, I'd hope the greasy burger joint offered a salad. On keto, this isn't an issue any longer. Almost every menu offers keto friendly food with a couple of modifications. I always shy away from barbeque sauces, and condiments out of concerns of added sugars.

Stay keto my friends. 

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