Sunday, January 20, 2019

Bacon Fried Kale.

RECIPE: Bacon Fried Kale

I cook with a lot of bacon fat. Here's a really simple recipe I came up with that I absolutely love.


3 strips of bacon
A wok or pot full of kale.


Take 3 strips of bacon and fry in a wok or deep pot. Once the bacon is brown, crisp and delicious, pull it out and set it on a plate leaving the bacon fat in your wok or pot.

Fill your wok or large pot with kale and fry in the bacon fat. You must constantly stir the kale so it doesn't burn in the hot grease. When all the kale is coated in bacon fat and begins to wilt, toss a couple tablespoons of water into the wok to help steam the kale. Continue stirring as it wilts. Add a couple more tablespoons of water while you continue to stir until your kale is the desired consistency. Keep adding water if you like it soft and mushy like spinach, or add less if you enjoy it a little crisper. Empty cooked kale into a large bowl and crumble bacon over the top of it. Stir till bacon is mixed in and enjoy.

I cook this side for myself all the time. My family actually loves this. If you wanted to, you could add a little chopped garlic and some white or green onion for a little-added flavor. Salt and pepper to taste, and this is one delicious high fat side dish! 

I forgot to take a picture. I cook this often though. The next time I cook this, I'll make sure to add an image to this post. 

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